Thursday, June 2, 2011

34 Weeks

How far along?: 34 weeks
Current Weight: I dont know. 138-140.
Total weight gain: ~15
How Big Is Baby?: 17-19 inches, 4-6 pounds!
Sleep: Flipping around a lot, waking up a lot, crazy dream last night, but it isnt unbearable or anything.
Movement: A bunch, like always.
Maternity Clothes: The (non-maternity) tanktops I live in are almost getting to small! Thankfully I do have others + dresses to wear for the last month.
Symptoms: My gums are really sensitive. And Im farting. I hate farting.
Labor Signs: I had a semi-strong contraction on 5/31. I had to walk around the living room until it was over. It surprised me.
Belly Button in or out? Out!
What I miss: Showering/shaving/getting ready normally.
What I am looking forward to: Everything!
Milestones: If all goes well, this is the last month!

I had a doctors appointment today. I met with the doctor that will deliver Harper if I do end up having him in July. Shes very nice and wanted me to know that I was one of my doctors favorite patients and they had talked about me a lot because my doctor really wants to make sure everything goes okay with me. I love my doctor. Im going to miss her. Hopefully the clinic shes switching to accepts our insurance so she will able to be Alikah and Harper's pediatrition.

Anywayyyy...when she was listening for Harper's heartbeat he kept jumping around (of course) so we didnt get a reading til the 3rd time. It was 155-165 and really LOUD. She said that it was accelerating and that that was awesome to hear in babies and that he must be really healthy! :) I measured 32 weeks.

Alikah was adorable the whole time. She wanted to get on the table right away for "her turn" and when the nurse played along and checked her arms and legs she was like, "What about my belly??"
The whole appointment she kept chiming in - "Im sick!" / "My ears hurt!" / "My head hurt!"
And at the end she was playing with the blood pressure cuff and putting it on my belly and the doctor goes, "Oh my god is she checking the baby?! She is too cute!!"

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