Thursday, May 5, 2011

Books, Baby and 24

Wednesday Heather asked us to come over so we ended up at my parents house for dinner. Heather gave Alikah 5 animal tattoos from our zoo trip; one on her belly and one on each arm and leg. She was pretty amazed.
Alikah loves being outside so shes really enjoying the warmer weather. She wandered away from us a few times and every time we found her down by the sandbox, playing alone. Exploring. Happy.Thursday we went to the library again. Alikah was doing puzzles and building towers while I found some books for us. She made a block tower taller than she was and came running to get me to show me. She was so proud of herself. I wish I would have had my camera on me haha. Then when I checked on again I found her talking to a girl that was probably 3 or 4 years older than her about a Spongebob DVD. Then after I changed her diaper in the bathroom Alikah walked right back over to the girl and goes, "Hi. Can I have a hug?" She talked to her for the rest of the time. It was so cute :)Friday was Spencer's birthday! I wrote him a letter. And I got him a son ;)
Alikah crawled into bed with me in the morning and I told her and she started singing "Happy Birthday to you!"
When he called on his break and lunch the first thing she said both times was, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADA!"
We were still in my bed after nap time when he came home from work but first thing she said again - "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADA!"
Spencer really enjoys going to my parents and drinking some beer with my dad and the neighbors so we went over there again for his birthday. My dad ordered Micheal's for dinner and we played outside and had a huge bonfire.Everyone had a good time - Alikah cried when we left because she wanted to build more turtles in the sand. She didnt get to bed until after 10:30. We were all tiiirreddd. (And Spencer was drunk :) Spencer's friends from his old 3rd shift job go to a bar every Saturday morning and he decided to go today for his birthday, etc. He got home at 11? 12? I dont really remember. But then I was lazy for the rest of the day. Him and Alikah played outside a lot and we all took a nap together. After dinner we all went for a walk.
Tomorrow Im going to the mall and out to dinner with my mom & sisters for Mother's Day.
It was a good week :)
My blood sugar levels have been good every time I tested since Wednesday.
Harper has been moving like crazy! Before all the movements felt the same but now I can tell if its a tiny hand or foot or his little head or butt! Alikah has been saying "Hi" to him and giving him kisses. The other morning in bed I told her that he was awake and she goes, "Hi baby Harper! Are you moving?....Can I kiss him now?"
They amaze me.

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