Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Weekend & Then Some

We went to Babies R Us to get Alikah's birthday present (a trampoline), ate at Fazolis (it was good), picked up some balloons at the Dollar Store and went shopping at HomeGoods.

We left a little before 1 and Alikah slept almost the whole way up which was what we were hoping for.
We danced, ate lots of candy, and played with balloons before going to the waterpark.
Alikah LOVED it and went down lots of slides with daddy, Heather and Luke.
Heather even put her down a big one all by herself. She went under. She cried. But she got over it quickly.
We shared a strawberry smoothie and cuddled before going back to the room around 7:30.
My parents and Gina got there around 8. Alikah went and "played" some arcade games in the hallway then took a bath with Heather and Kate and stayed up until almost 11.
My sisters and Kate got to feel Harper kicking for the first time.

We woke up after 9 and opened presents in our PJs before going to check out the Indoor Theme Park. They had a perfect little play area way in the back for kids Alikah's age and it was pretty empty so she went down slides with Luke and around on a small carousel a few times.Spencer and I took her back to the room before everyone else because she was obviously tired and I wanted to take a shower and get ready.
I had a 3.5 hour Mother-to-Be Spa package from 4-7:30. Spencer saw it and wanted to get it for me so we talked to me mom about splitting the cost and she agreed, even though she ended up paying for all of it. Alikah hung out with my dad, Spencer and Lukey while I was gone.
When I was done we got ice cream from the Sweet Hut and met everyone else for bowling. We went back to the room around 9:45, took a bath and went to sleep.

Woke up, showered, packed. We had to be out of the room by 11 but we all went down to the water park until 2. Alikah went down a bunch more slides and had some cheese fries. She slept on the way home also. We stayed at my parents and had chicken wings for dinner then came home pretty late and went to bed.

I had a message on facebook when I got home. This is the only part I cared about:
"Marshalls probably going to Dodge within the next week or 2 and hes going to be in for 2 years."
I cried.
Thank you, God.

Lisa picked up Alikah around 4:30 for the night. She didnt mention anything about Marshall.

Alikah came home at 1. Lisa got her the Dora pullout couch I suggested so she came home with that, some balloons, cupcakes, an outfit and 2 cute little costumes that Lisa wants me to try and get pictures of her in.
After Spencer came home I showered and we were off to his parents.We ate dinner and Alikah opened birthday presents and we all got Easter baskets which I thought was really really nice and wasnt expecting at all. My camera was dead so I didnt get any pictures unfortunately. We went to Target after to grab a couple things and Alikah wasnt in bed until after 10 again haha.

We had an amazing birthday turn-out. Alikah loved everything even though she still has no idea it was her birthday or what was going on. I did get her to tell me "Im almost 2!" today, but of course now she IS 2.
And one extra thing - my cousin Megan found out she is pregnant yesterday! Its still a secret but I am very excited :)

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