Monday, April 18, 2011

2 Years Old

-Doing wash. If I ever leave the washing machine door opened you will bring the laundry baskets from our closet out and put all the clothes in the machine. If its closed you will yell about it being "locked."
-You like going in our bedroom closet and pretending its a cave. You always bring a flashlight too.
-Being nakey. Dancing naked. Yelling "IMMM NAKKEEDDD!"
-We are still AMAZED everyday by your memory.
-You usually speak in full sentences.
-You always want to help and are very concerned about people. If you hear a baby crying in the stores you say "OH NO! Babys crying!!" and get worried. You will say, "He needs to eat!" or "Mama what are you gonna do!?"
-If you hear me yell or are listening to me tell a story when I am mad you ALWAYS tell me "Stop/No yelling!"
-When we drive somewhere and stop, you immediately say "I want to get OUT of this car!"
-You started holding one side of Goodnight Moon when I read it. Sometimes you want to read the books now too and help turn the pages.
-When I turn my shower off you yell "You done Mama?" and then "You get ready now?"
-You call the hippo bath toy "Peppo"
-You call hiccups "pick-ups"
-When Spencer comes home you jump/yell/lay on the floor and say "DADDY WANNA SPIN WANNA SPIN DAD? WANNA JUMP? WANNA SPIN WANNA JUMP??"
-You tickle his face and say "I tickle THE dada!" Always "The" dada, never just dada.
-You are still a clean freak. I have a book about OCD and out of all the books on my bookshelf, you only pull that one out. And you walk it across the room and put it on the same spot on the floor every time. Kind of weird!
-A few tantrums so far, they are very random.
-You want to do more things "by myself."
-You dont like or want diaper changes anymore and you get embarrassed about going potty.
-Just recently started talking to Daddy on the phone when he calls from work and its adorable. Over your birthday weekend you also talked to Heather, Nona and Grandma Gail on the phone.
-You know the main colors. Rainbow and black and white. And pink!
-Food: Rice, noodles, eggs, yogurt, popsicles, crackers.
-Chocolate. You are CRAZY for chocolate.
-Sleep: You wake up around 8:30. Naptime 1:30-3 or 3:30. Bedtime anywhere between 8:30-10.
-Mornings: Went from a quiet "Mama, wake up..Wake up mama.." to "MAMA. I WANNA WATCH TV!" to "Can I come in?" (to bed with me, cuddle for a few minutes) "Wanna go watch TV/Dora?" (we get out of bed) "Need your glasses Mama?"
-Still use 0-6 month nunu's and kiekies. You tuck the corner of your kiekie under your nunu when youre tired or going to sleep.
-24.5 lbs, 2 ft 10 in tall, size 5 diapers.

I love you so much it hurts.
You mean the world to us.
Happy Birthday.

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