Saturday, April 30, 2011

Animals and Blood Sugar

Yesterday it was 60 degrees and sunny so we went to the zoo with my sisters, brother and 2 of the boys Gina nannies for.
Heather: Whats your favorite animal?
Alikah: Ummm....DINOSAURS!
We saw:
-Lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes
-Bears, a humongous hippo, emus and some other birds
-Zebras, deer, sheep
-A peacock attack its reflection in a soda machine
Alikah was interested in the fake caves in the animal exhibits.
I was asking her if she liked the lion and she was like "LOOK!! A CAVE A CAVE!!"
And when we were watching a polar bear she was pointing out all the birds in the sky.
We stayed at my parents for dinner afterwards and Alikah played outside in the sandbox and on the trampoline. We came home and took a bath around 9PM. (Spencer stayed later.)
Alikah was so tired, she fell asleep while I was still reading to her. I dont think shes ever done that before. It was really cute.

My glucose test was boring of course. I finished "When You're Engulfed In Flames." I was really tired the first hour from not having any coffee. But I survived.

And I have gestational diabetes. I have to call and schedule an appointment with a specialist Monday. Obviously its not what I wanted or ideal, but looking on the bright side of things we know that Harper is not a "big baby" and that is the main concern. It will also help with the fact that we are wanting him here a little early.

So far today I have vacuumed, cleaned our bathroom because the toilet overflowed everywhere, played outside and went on a walk with Alikah. Spencer has been gone and now his car wont start and hes stuck at his grandma's. He took his grandma's car to run home and drop of Alikah's car seat because once she wakes up from her nap I want to go to Target.

Last night was tough. I need to stop thinking so much. I am driving myself crazy. I just dont see how I am going to pull myself out of this. But I know I have before. Its just hard.

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