Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good Timing

Marshall texted me around 6:30 yesterday saying, "Can you drop her off at my parents tomar sometime after 5" and I said, "Yeah" and that was that. I thought it was really weird but tried not to think into it too much.
Today we took Alikah to Flabbergast! since we had an extra day with her and on the way there I was saying how weird it was that Marshall didnt say anything else. I specifically said, "Maybe hes in jail!"

2 minutes after we got to Flabbergast a little girl grabbed Alikah by the hair and pulled her onto the floor. It was in a jumping castle and we couldnt grab her. The little girls dad finally got her off of Alikah.
Alikah was terrified to go in any inflatables the rest of the time. I crawled up the jungle-gym type part with her 5 or 6 times to go down the big regular slides, and she did have a blast doing that.
Unfortunately we left after 45 minutes because she was SCREAMING. We still arent sure if it was because she was scared, overwhelmed, tired, sick or maybe a little bit of all. Or maybe none and she just had her first public "terrible two" meltdown.

Once we got home she relaxed in her room for about an hour. She wouldnt nap but she came out in a much MUCH better mood.

At 5:30 I called Marshall's mom. Long story short...HE IS IN JAIL!
I am so happy. I couldnt believe I was actually right! (He must have had a friend text me for him, which is why it seemed weird to me.)
I do not know why, and I dont really care! Alikah is staying over there for Maddie's birthday and they are dropping her back off here -HOME- tomorrow night.
He told his parents he didnt want me to know but his mom told me that she "wasnt going to lie to me."
I dont know if hes getting out after the weekend or if he'll end up being there for awhile. I am hoping, hoping, hoping he has to stay in!!

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