Sunday, March 27, 2011


The last hour and a half of my day...
-When Lisa dropped Alikah off, I could hear her before they even came around the corner and Lisa laughs and goes, "Oh my gosh - She is SO EXCITED to be home!"
-I got a big hug and a kiss right away along with an "I love you so much!"
-She had a blast last night at the birthday party and then today at dinner she ate some rice and bread and didnt touch her chicken finger. (Totally Alikah.)
-Lisa said a lot of really nice things to Spencer which I really appreciated.
There is just something about hearing someone else say how great he is that makes me love him even more. It makes me feel so lucky every time, because he IS amazing, and hes mine! :)

I gave Alikah a quick bath before bed. At one point she looks up and me and says she has to poop so I quick take her out and plop her on her potty.
But she started screamed.
She got up and ran to me, clung on to me screaming and crying. I was holding her out a little asking, "Whats wrong whats wrong??!" and she just pulled herself right back into me and then started pooping on me.
I realized it was really hurting her so Im going "ARE YOU OKAY DOES YOUR TUMMY HURT ITS OK ITS OK!!" and she was pooping on the mat and going "ICKY ICKY ICKY!" and Spencer came to see what was happening and finally out comes this huge poop and then she just...stops.
And goes and sits back on her potty all cute with her hands in her lap and says, "Sorry..."

I held her while she pooped on me.
And then afterwards was saying how adorable she was.
How cute she was for pooping on me.

Goodnight :)

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