Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Boy

At my first ultrasound they were concerned about placenta previa and had me schedule a follow up appointment with a perinatologist at the hospital.
My ultrasound was Thursday, and we have a perfect little BOY!!
My placenta still is not where they want it to be so I have to go back in April but it was so amazing to see how much he has grown. I cried for most of it.

If you couldnt tell from my Valentine's Day picture I have been a little obsessed with caffeine free Diet Coke recently so when the lady doing my ultrasound referred to our baby as a "Diet Coke" when she told me he weighed 12oz I thought it was pretty adorable haha.

Starting now I will have Alikah Monday-Friday and Marshall will have her Saturday and Sunday. I got to my parents today at 10AM and Marshall didnt show up until 2PM. Maybe if we keep going like this eventually he will only have her Sundays or maybe hmmmm...NEVER. Yeah, that'd be nice.

BUT sitting around at my parents ended up being a good thing because Heather started reading out of the Baby Name book and Gina was on some websites in the kitchen and we have a name! Once Heather said it we all decided that we loved it and every name mentioned afterwards didnt really have a chance.

Harper Lorne Katt

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