Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ahhh Alikah is sick too! Last night right before her bath she threw up all over the bathroom, I have never seen her actually throw up before :( Then this morning she woke me up around 6:45 saying she had poop and it was all over her pajamas and everything...she tried to eat a little this morning and she was all about jumps and somersaults until she ended up throwing up again and it was all the milk she drank last night in chunks. Of course she ran to hug me right away so we both ended up covered in puke and in the bath. Probably like 3 minutes after I got out she pooped in the bath too. I feel terrible for her...shes loving the Sprite (sooddaaa!!!) and popsicles though.
Crazy, my doctors office just called to see how I was. My doctor sent in another inhaler (yes!) and wants me to come in tomorrow so thats perfect. Gave me some more tips for Alikah too..

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