Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I feel like a grandma

I started feeling sick a couple days ago and ended up with a nasty cough and an asthma attack I would not get rid of. I couldnt get into my doctors office so they suggested I go to urgent care. The lady at the front desk told me it was an hour and a half wait but once I told her what was going on she called a nurse to come get me right away. I had 2 breathing treatments and they gave me prescriptions for steroids, refills for my nebulizer and also an antibiotic to help me fight off any infections while my lungs were so weak. The doctor told me that if it gets worse I need to go back right away and she told me if I would have tried to wait until the 8th (My 1st appt for baby) I "wouldnt have made it." The steroids will get to the baby but they only gave me a high dose of them for the next 7 days so hopefully I wont have to take them the entire time.

We move in two weeks!!! :) And have names for the baby picked out already! First names, at least. The first girl name I told Spencer about has grown on both of us already..the more we think about it the more reasons we find to love it.

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