Monday, December 13, 2010

Its here..

The week I've been waiting for!! We move on Saturday! I packed up most of our clothes today since we usually wear the same thing for a week anyways...I feel like theres not really much more I can do until THE day. Anything we need for the kitchen and bathroom we just bought, so there really isnt too much packing involved I guess.

We attempted to finish our Christmas shopping on Saturday only to have Spencer realize at the check-out in Toys R Us he didnt have his wallet. After driving back home and to his work we found out that it was in Anthony's (his friend from work) car. Aaand Anthony was on a vacation for the weekend. So our plans got moved to tonight but now he has to work late tonight so hopefully tomorrow?

Pregnancy wise nothing has changed. I still havent gained any weight really even though it looks and feels like I have. My bodys changing and my weight jumps up and down but for the most part Ive been 124 since I found out. My "morning sickness" hits around 5pm each night and lasts until I go to bed. No throwing up I just feel achey, tired and usually end up in bed with a headache. I got my ultrasound scheduled for the 28th.

Brittney is coming on Friday to stay with her mom for 2 weeks and will hopefully come stay with us for a night or two and finally meet Alikah. Its crazy to me that she never has. I had a dream that other night after something Brittney told me and we were having this big party because Brittney was giving custody of Isabella to was pretty weird.
Also this weekend on Sunday Gail is having Christmas at the house for the first time ever. Gina arranged and planned it all and turned it into an "ugly sweater party." Honestly Spencer and I were originally going to skip it all together but Gina convinced me to at least stop by - "Its the day after you move. You wont even have food. We will."

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