Monday, November 22, 2010

I have Alikah for the day while Marshall is at work. She took a 3 hour nap which is crazy and Im not sure if shes teething or what. Anyways, Heather got her out of her crib while I was getting her lunch ready and the first thing she said was "I went poop." And she did and it was on her pajamas and ugh, but all I was thinking was man I hope she didnt just sleep in that for 3 hours. Thankfully I dont think she did.
She does this all the time but it never stops being cute - I hit my leg on the coffee table and said "ow" and right away she goes "YOU OKAY???" And then just a bit ago were walking downstairs eating pickles and I sucked a whole one in my mouth really fast and she just looks at me all serious and goes "Dont choke." Ahahahaha.
Spencer (finally) comes back from his hunting trip tonight. I have no idea when, he was going to call on the way home but I know his battery was low when he called me last night. He told Jared about the baby yesterday too. The next 7/8 months are gonna be so exciting..

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