Thursday, April 20, 2017

moving on

Im writing this not knowing if it will turn into a regular thing again or just a once and awhile deal.
A lot has changed.

Me and Spencer are getting divorced. We lost our apartment, I crashed our (ready to die anyways) van, so I need a new car. I live with my parents now. Were still trying to figure out the kids schedule.
I just got out of the psych ward, again, but I am doing pretty good so far. My counselors suggested ~writing~ but I think most stuff I need to write about shouldnt be written on here for anyone to read. Ill try and find a middle ground since Ive always been open and honest on here.

My minds in a much better place
I got a JOB today!
Im working out. Im reading again. Ive let a lot of shit go. I just feel much better.
I will be starting IOP in May but right now my goals, short and long term, are figure out everything with the kids, work as much as I can to save up for a car, and eventually my own apartment. The kids are my driving force.

Alikah just turned 8 and her birthday party is this Saturday which she is very excited for.

Just wanted to make this quick update. Be back soon :)


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