Saturday, May 2, 2015

last week

This kid. He has always slept so cute/funny.
Speaking of sleeping...Bodhi broke his crib. Now he can escape. For naps as soon as I get downstairs I hear him get up and run into our bedroom. He turns on my sound machine and gets all cuddled into our bed...which would be totally fine if he actually fell asleep!! But Ive checked on him after and hour and hes still just laying there awake listening to the sounds. So its a a been struggle to get him to stay in his crib lately.

*Also if anyone has tips on how to get a kid that was fully potty trained but now poops his pants like everyday to stopppp please tell me

...Bodhi just smashing his head into their tower to knock it down....

Im getting "flowers" from the kids daily.

Can someone explain to me why they put pebbles on some playgrounds? They are slippery, they are dusty and dirty, and both my boys just wanted to eat them when they were babies. I hate them! Obviously the kids dont care but for parents they are just annoying...

Monday: 1:12:33 - 4.0 miles - 442 calories
Tuesday: 1:00:24 - 3.5 miles - 386 calories
Wednesday: 1:07:24 - 3.6 miles - 400 calories
Thursday: 1:06:18 - 3.6 miles - 399 calories
Friday: 1:06:42 - 3.6 miles - 403 calories

Total: 5:33:21 - 18.5 miles - 2,030 calories

So I tried running a few times this week and found out the stroller shakes like crazy. Spencer suggested I lock the front wheel since the trail is straight so Im going to try that but it that doesnt work Im going to try and fit in runs by myself after Spencer gets home from work. And on weekends.

Spencers birthday is on the 6th! :) 

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