Monday, May 18, 2015

But never have I been a blue calm sea I have always been a storm.

Spencer's birthday on the 6th.
His brother came over and we got pizza and ice cream and hung out :) 

"She loves to watch: My brothers
She loves to eat: Salad
She loves to listen to: Me read my group books
She loves to spend time: Working on her computer
She loves to go to: Walmart
"I love you with all my heart. And you are the best mom ever. I love you so, so, so, so much."

After Grandparents Day my mom ate supper over here and taught my kids "the money game" that we always played with my (her) grandpa Joe.
The game is just holding up a dollar and dropping it and if you catch it you keep it haha...
Your supposed to catch it with your thumb and pointer fingers but they cheated just like Im sure we did :) 

Pillow fight.

Town rummage sale weekend and brat/burger fry! 

Sunday, May 3rd: 31:33 - 1.9 miles - 209 calories - Short walk alone. Sore.
Monday, May 4th: 1:09:01 - 3.6 miles - 397 calories - SO sore.
Wednesday, May 6th: 1:03:35 - 3.6 miles - 401 calories - 2 miles in it started to DOWNPOUR. We were instantly soaked and had a 2 mile trek back in a thunderstorm on a flooded path. At first I was mad but after 10 minutes (and now) I was just cracking up about it. Total disaster ahhaha.
Thursday, May 7th: 50:43 - 2.2 miles - 250 calories - Picking up Alikah from school
Friday, May 8th: 40:46 - 1.9 miles - 208 calories -Walked to store with the boys.
Wednesday, May 13th: 55:44 - 3.5 miles - 393 calories
Thursday, May 14th: 1:02:43 - 3.6 miles - 400 calories
Total: 5:33:75 - 20.5 miles - 2,258 calories

It rained quite a bit so I missed days...I have some from Saturday (rummaging...I forgot to turn my watch on until we were almost done, ughhh. And then today. But Ill use those for the next update! :) )

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