Thursday, April 16, 2015


So tomorrow we leave for Alikah's birthday in the Dells! I got everything packed today, just need to shower tonight and add the bathroom stuff. 
We have to stop at the store on the way so I can sneakily buy some birthday decorations for the hotel and some swim diapers and then well be on our way! Im really excited. Shes going to be so happy. 

Its finally been nice out so Ive taken the boys on an hour walk everyday while Alikahs at school. This is our route. (I blurred names okay its a wooded path in the middle of nowhere Im not takin any chances lol)
I was kind of nervous about how the boys would be -- weve taken them to two 5Ks and they were horrible -- but theyve been great! (Knock on wood) First day they both napped, 2nd day Bodhi napped the whole time and today they just talked the whole way. They even ask me when were going for our walk now :) 

So my plan is to post this at the end of every week now. Hopefully Ill be able to go alone sometimes, get faster, go farther. Since this was our first week out I did just walk, I didnt even strap the boys in so no running was involved at all...
Tuesday: 1:08:42 - 3.6 miles - 402 calories
Wednesday: 1:04:09 - 3.6 miles - 399 calories
Thursday: 1:05:58 - 3.6 miles - 389 calories
Total: 3:18:09 - 10.9 miles - 1,199 calores

The other day I hung up some new pictures and decided to take pictures of my pictures haha. They are everywhere. And yeah some are crooked.


And these last 3 are all the corners of our family room.

Did I write on here that we got birds? We did. Their names are Berty and Daisy.

Okay thats my little end of the week update...wanted to get the randoms posted before Alikah's birthday post ;)

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