Sunday, April 5, 2015

easter weekend

So this last week has kind of sucked.
Our van was acting funny so Spencer took it to the shop thinking it'd be a couple hundred dollars.
Nope, almost $2,000.

So we were without a van all week, which is fine because we can walk anywhere we NEED to go.

But I was supposed to go to Kevin Hart with my mom, sister and some other people and then Spencer, the kids and I were all going to go Up North. We were going to stay at a hotel and then go to his grandma's on Easter.

All of that got ruined.
Spencer got paid today so we could have picked up the van today...but they were closed for Easter. So no van until Monday :(

I liked Alikah's sandwich on Thursday :)

We went to the towns scavenger hunt and dyed eggs.
You waited in line to pick an egg. The egg had a Hersheys kiss with a number on the bottom. For each number there was 5 businesses around town that could have your number. We had 61, 68 and 163.
Luckily, I made the mistake of going to a wrong business first. But the guy asked me what numbers I had then told us where to go haha. That WOULD have saved time...but the 2 places were some of the farthest away lol. I felt like when we were walking back home everyone was already done.
The red circle is where we started and the top and right sides of this picture are pretty much the end of town. (Yeah its tiny.)

We didnt do anything today, except of course the Easter Bunny came.

In other news...
Alikah had Paddington from school from 3/19 - 3/27..

Bodhi got a Thomas speedo.

Bodhi is the sweetest thing ever and I love how he talks but he just started calling all blankets "cribbies" and I think its so cute. He has his 2 favorite blankets in his crib all the time so it makes sense...
Speaking of cute sayings for some reason Harper calls vitamins "minions" matter how many times I correct him haha.

Love them <3

Happy Easter everyone! 

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