Sunday, January 18, 2015

picture dump.

For the months (almost a year) that I didnt have a computer to upload pictures too, I took a lot of pictures with Spencer's cell phone. Most of these are those. October 2014-Jan 2015.
Bodhi's 2nd Birthday party haha. 

Purple hair & Vegas.
My mom, sisters, Morgan and I went to Vegas again this year for my sisters birthday.
This year we stayed at the Venetian and saw Micheal Jackson's ONE Cirque du Soleil. It. Was. Amazing!

End of October Spencer had a seizure and spent the night in the hospital.
After a bunch of tests they couldnt find anything wrong and decided it was just a freak incident. 
It happened whe he was at work and his boss came to our house and told me that "There was an accident but they didnt know what happened." I obviously started having a panic attack and raced to the hospital. Spencer usually drives a truck at work. Thankfully he was on the yard at the time, or it could have ended much worse.

Alikah and Harper after we put up the tree. 




Bodhi's new hairstyle is a baby man-bun :) 


New Years Eve. 

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