Sunday, February 16, 2014

sunshine all the time makes a desert

She loves the lights this hat makes in the sun :) 

Alikah: School, ABCmouse, writing, drawing/coloring, dancing, jokes, bath time, our Q&A book at bedtime, wrestling with Bodhi, playing with Harper. Frozen. Doc McStuffins. 

fell asleep on daddy

Harper: Trains, cars, blocks, cooking, food, working on his colors and counting, making huge messes and causing trouble. Spongebob, Thomas, Mickey Mouse. 

Bodhi: Balls, music, dancing, trains and cars, crackers, books. Tickety Toc. 

Harper dumped out containers of Ovaltine and Fiber powder. Bodhi was eating handfuls of Ovaltine off the floor. 

After the Ovaltine incident, before bath. Harper is so proud. 

Valentines/Anniversary set up.

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