Sunday, March 31, 2013

learn to let go. release the stress. you were never in control anyway

Bella & Alikah. Best friends like their mamas

Our house was pretty crazy for awhile!

Emma & Alikah

Easter bunny came! (This one was from Grandma Susan)

Easter basket #2 from Uncle Jared and Aunt Holly

-It was amazing to see Brittney and meet her babies and boyfriend. It got pretty insane but we had a lot of fun. Bella and Alikah got along great! I wish they lived next door.

-My friends Amanda and Kristin came over on Thursday with all their kids so we had 6 here (4 toddlers, 2 babies) Definitely kept us busy!!

-We ended up going to Spencer's grandma's on Saturday instead of Friday which was a good idea because I was pretty stressed out by the time we left today. Yesterday we ate, hung out, dyed eggs, drank, after the kids were all in bed we played dice which I had never played before and I loved it even though it was so freaking confusing at first haha. 
Harper had a bad night but surprising I was the one who slept through it (passed out) so Spencer had to deal with it. He ended up in the TWIN bed we were sharing, so Spencer was smashed against the wall and slept for shit. 
This morning Spencer's parents took Alikah to church and Spencer and I put the boys in backpacks and took a walk. Her yard is HUGE and he wanted to show me all this stuff but they still have a foot of snow so it was really hard to walk anywhere, especially carrying the kids. When they got back we opened more Easter baskets, ate brunch, then packed up to come home. 

-My face has been bothering me (whats new right) my skin was red and itchy and I would itch it in my sleep and make it worse. I stopped using my facial cleansers a few weeks ago and have only been using face wipes because rubbing my face would irritate it and that helped somewhat. I tried BioOil (which I love for my body) and Vaseline but since they are both oily it would make me break out sometimes and frustrate me even more....but I was reading online to try aloe so Ive been putting it on my face twice a day and its seriously helped so much! 

-Alikah's birthday party is next weekend. Weve had such a stressful last 2 weeks I plan on doing NOTHING this week to prepare myself for it haha. 

-Speaking of Alikah, she hates when I use the treadmill because its "TOO LOUD" so my new plan is to use it for 1-2 hours on the days she has school while Spencer watches the boys. 

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