Monday, March 25, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates.
-Spencer's grandma passed away on March 20th. Shes been in assisted living since she broke her hip but it was still unexpected. Spencer's mom was with her before it happened and she was fine...then she stopped breathing over night. They brought her back to life and she was on life support until the next day. So we were out of town this past weekend for the funeral. It really sucks. A lot.

-My best friend is in Wisconsin! (She lives in Nevada) Her and her family were here last Thursday and are on there way back right now! My house gets completely destroyed with 5 kids running around but its worth it ;)

-I had my ENT appointment. My throat is almost completely closed. They are starting me on meds for 2-3 months. I go back in 2 months so they can check again. They suggested to raise our headboard because laying flat makes it worse (which sounds weird but my throat is always worse in the morning so that made total sense to me.) The doctor said right now she doesnt think its looks like cancer which is what they worry about the most so that is the good news!

-For Easter we are going up north to Spencer's other grandmas house.

-We are going on vacation for Alikah's birthday in 2 weeks so we need to get all that sorted out. Still need to buy her decorations and presents, etc...

So yeah just really busy and so much to do. I will do a photo update asap, possibly tomorrow night?

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