Wednesday, March 13, 2013

five months - bodhi

16.5 pounds
26.5 inches
Size 6-9 month clothes
Size 3 diapers

Likes: Tickles, being held, the alphabet song,, his siblings, baths, rice cereal

He laughs, rolls, scoots all over the place, "talks", holds his own bottle, and smiles constantly.

Still only naps for 20 minutes tops, and you have to be holding him. He gets so tired that he will cry and cry and cry and then in an instant pass the fuck out. 

March 4th - He slept in his crib all night...and has since! We put him in it when hes obviously tired and he barely even cries. Much different then CIO with Harper haha. 
March 5th - Rolled over! Front to back. He rolls both ways now though. (Also the other day when I was getting ready Spencer had him on the couch and went outside to call he rolled off the couch for the 2nd time. He barely made a sound, but Alikah started screaming and crying. When Spencer came in I was like, "Hey did you forget that your son rolls now?!")
March 5th - First time eating rice cereal. He loved it and chowed. He eats it, and has a rice bottle when he goes to bed most nights now. 

love those leg rolls

chews on his hands constantly

I love Harpers hand in this one about to steal a block haha

at his appointment today :)

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