Friday, January 4, 2013

The Tao of Forgiveness

Just wanted to share some of my favorites stories/meditations from this book. Every chapter has a story the author wrote, his thoughts about it, an exercise to do yourself and then a mediation. I found this book while looking at the Buddhism books at our library, which is what Im interested in. They are different from each other, but I still really enjoyed this book. I skipped over some parts of it (the exercises after every chapter, mainly because I read it laying in bed) but it was still a very relaxing & easy read. I think its going to end up long, but trust me its worth the read!! I shortened some and all are copywrited to the author of course.

Is there a gate
between myself and joy?
Am I forever outside
or am I already home?
Do I need forgiveness
or am I already forgiven?
Do I need to forgive,
or merely open my eyes?

"It is said that when the heavenly powers gathered at their huge conference table and considered the evolution of humans on planet Earth, they had great concerns over the erratic behavior of these particular beings. On the one hand, the courage and occasional unselfish love that humans demonstrated clearly called a reward from heaven. On the other hand, their tendency to behave with fearful selfishness indicated that they merited heavens' punishment.
The powers debated for long hours trying to decide which course of action was most appropriate. Finally, one junior member cut through the debate and said, "Lets begin with the reward. I suggest that we bless them with a mind that is capable of remembering and imagining. That way they can learn from the past and anticipate the future. Therefore they will be able to plan and create great wonders."
Then they turned their attention to the appropriate punishment. "How shall we punish them?" they asked. The junior member spoke quietly with a trace of sadness.
"We already have," he said, "the blessing is also the punishment."

Blessings and peace to all in me
who are disappointed.
Blessings and peace to all in me
who feel they have disappointed others.

There is no one in the boat.
It seems so personal and hurts so much,
someone must be wrong.
But, there is no one in the boat.
I am not here to be right
and make other people wrong.
I am here to pay attention
and let my tao mind show the way.
There is no one in the boat.

(Sisyphus is pushing a boulder up a mountain over and over and trying to get it to stay on the top, but it keeps rolling down)
One day Sisyphus descended the mountain and found an old man leaning against the boulder, looking at him with a sad smile.
"Who are you?" Sisyphus asked the man.
"A friend," the old man said. "Why are you pushing this boulder up the hill?"
"It is what I have to do," replied Sisyphus. "I am being punished for my arrogance, pride, and sinfulness. But once I can get the boulder to remain on the top of the mountain, I will be free."
"I see," said the old man. "And is there a place for the boulder to rest on top of the mountain?"
"I havent found one yet," admitted Sisyphus.
"I see," said the old man.
(He then pushed the boulder back up the mountain and and realizes it was a solid peak and there was no where for the boulder to rest)
"It will always roll back down,"he thought. (The boulder and him go back down the mountain, he tells the old man that no, there isnt anywhere it will rest. He walks around the valley with the old man.)
Before you could begin his trek he asked the old man, "What is your name?"
"My name is Freedom." said the man.
"Will I see you again?" said Sisyphus over his shoulder as he began to push the boulder.
"Every time you come down the mountain," said the man.

"Each unique moment, each unique thread of life, passes from direct experience into the ball of memories so quickly that its color and texture goes unnoticed. It becomes wadded rather than woven, and life becomes a snarl instead of a tapestry."

If we could, through our conditioned mind, get it "right," we would have done it by now.

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  1. So... I don't own this book. But this was really an important thing for me to read tonight.