Saturday, January 12, 2013

im complaining/venting

Alikah got in trouble at school the other day. I guess she couldnt put her sock on and had a massive freak out about it, screaming and crying for 15+ minutes. The owner stayed late to talk to Spencer about it when he got there.
I was pretty upset about it, not only because it happened - but because she is 3 years old. I guess they said they understood that kids have tantrums but "they couldnt deal with it" and Idk, Im sorry but its a day care center. I understand you have a bunch of other kids to watch, but are tantrums somewhat expected?! So, this is the 2nd thing thats happened recently thats made me re-think our choice and maybe we should find a new preschool or just pull her our all together, I dont know...

In the past week Harper has woken up from naps seeming possessed. I recognize this because Alikah had night terrors at about the same age, but Harpers are after naps during the day. The first one he was just freaking out while Spencer was leaving for work, I said I thought he was still asleep so I was yelling for him to wake up. Once Spencer left he ran into the kitchen screaming...then was silent for a few minutes...then came walking out completely normal but looking slightly confused. The 2nd time Spencer was going to give him a bath before he left for work and Harper was screaming and climbing out of the bathtub every time Spencer tried to put him in. Harper LOVES baths, so it was weird. He is sick, too, so maybe thats why these are happening but its hard.

I was really, really hoping that Bodhi wouldnt catch whatever cold we all have but he did :(
I feel so bad. I hate hearing him cough and wheeze again.
Thankfully he is still smiley and happy most of the time. Just before bedtime is the hardest for him.

I just started birth control last month...(obviously I have never been on it before haha)
I hate it. My boobs are bigger which is cool but my. skin. is. terrible.
I told Spencer I need to find a dermatologist asap or I am going to go insane.

This was a fun post huh?

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