Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'd rather have a life of "oh wells" than a life of "what ifs?"

Pop! goes the weasel

*Alikah had dry pull ups every morning this week! Shes never made it this long. I think we might be 100% potty trained! Goooo Alikah!
*Harper is down to one nap a day. After fighting his first one for days we just decided to stop trying. Now hell just have one a day at 3, when Alikah has hers.

*Bodhi rolled over for the first time.......of course it was off the couch. I was going to the bathroom and right when I heard it knew exactly what had happened & was like FUCK! Alikah was like "MOM HARPER ROLLED OFF THE COUCH!!" (Hes perfectly fine :))
*I think hes teething. Hes been chomping on his hands and drooling. Hes been very clingy to me and orajel seems to help.
*Spencer only had to work 8 hour shifts all week. It was really nice to have him home at 11:30 instead of 2:30am & to have that time alone together. We watched The Other Guys one night...super funny. 
The only thing that sucks about this is that we could definitely use the money from the longer hours anddd I dont want to get used to it haha - its going to suck when hes back to long shifts! 

*I stopped the pill and started NuvaRing. Hopefully my skin and weight will go back to normal! My skin already feels better actually. 

*Alikahs going to nonna's tomorrow. Then were going to my parents sometime this weekend...maybe for the Superbowl? Well see. 

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