Wednesday, January 23, 2013

crazy....but cute

Why are all my children fighting sleep today? Im going to write cute updates about them to try and forget how much they are frustrating me right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Alikah: She is in love with her LeapPad2 that she got for Christmas. Shes so smart and good at everything thats on it too. Harper loves watching her play it, he will sit right next to her or stand over her the whole time shes on it.
She has her little spurts of wanting to do everything herself and help clean up and shes having one now which is awesome. She'll come up to me and be like, "I just cleaned my whole room!"
If Im doing something and Bodhi starts crying she'll get his bottle for him and be like, "Ill feed him mom!"
She was so excited for Luke's birthday party but when she got there was too scared to skate. She still had fun be carried around the rink though :)
mom stop watching me

mom seriously!! 

fine Im outta here!!

Harper: Is still obsessed with cooking and food. He loves eating at the kitchen table. (Its really rare now for me, Alikah and Harper to eat supper together like we used too. It seems like everyone wants to eat at different times and usually Im busy with Bodhi) But still, when I give Harper his food a lot of times he will carry it to the table and sit there by himself eating. ITS REALLY CUTE. He looks so proud sitting on the big chair haha.
So everyone knows he was bald for the longest time and started growing hair at the bottom, so it looked like he had a rat tail. Finally he has hair everywhere else but it was still longest in the middle at the very bottom. Just from sleeping/laying on it so much this little section seriously started to like...dread itself. He had 3 baby dreads. One day while he was in the bath I just snipped them off - his first "haircut" - and its crazy what a difference it made haha, it looks so much better.

Bodhi: Super smiley! He smiles all the time. Hes started coo-ing and making baby noises. Such a little porker and I feel like he eats constantly. He likes when I hold his hand while he falls asleep. Starting to become more interested in toys, he stares at them with huge eyes. I think hell try grabbing for some soon.
Spencers the same ;)
I love him.
Ill admit I say, "You people are driving me insane!" At least once a day. But I know I wouldnt want it any other way.
Surprise, surprise Bodhi is up already. See ya soon...

Update: Why do I keep attempting bath-time with all 3? (Alikah & Harper in, Bodhi out) (Especially when I know they napped for crap.) I think I just want to believe that "I can do it!" ... but it ends horribly. Every single time someones screaming, someones hungry, someones pooping, someones crying... I need to give it up and stop trying. Ugh. 


  1. i look at cute pictures of my kids on the days they are driving me insane too. :)

  2. Did mom get you the same sweater she got me? ;) just kidding. Also- 1) you should teach me how to box, 2) you look radiant in your date night picture, 3) i really want to snuggle and talk to Alikah and hold Bodhi or Harper long enough to make my arm sore the next day 4) you can master the bath thing, you can do anything! xoxo