Friday, November 30, 2012

Alikah says...

Alikah: Byeee poop see you tomorrow! I will poop some more and you will meet some new poop friends!!

Alikah: "If theres a bully I will say "hey, this is school! we learn here!" and I will teach them how to be nice."
Me: "The teachers would help you too"
Alikah: "No, they dont have to"
Me: "Oh you can handle it?"
Alikah: "Yeah, I can do it myself. I am brave."

(Listening to a song with Heather)
Song: Im a-dic-Im addicted to you
Alikah: Hey! I know that word. Mommy calls dad a dick sometimes!

Ben (her friend): Why isnt your mom wearing a shirt?
Alikah: Oh, she never does.

Alikah: Im gonna die. No im not. That would be really bad. You would be like oh no! and then you would start to die too.

(Our phone rang and I didnt answer it of course)
Alikah: Who was it?
Me: I dont know.
Alikah: Maybe it was Malinda.
Me: Yeah? Whos that?
Alikah: My friend. She lives in Africa. Really far away. Maybe she was calling.

Me: Well you, Harper and Daddy will go. I have to stay and pass out candy!

(picking her nose)
Heather: Stop!
Alikah: Im getting my booger for a second!

(Watching music videos)
Alikah: I wish they would stop showing us their butts.

My Dad: Careful, dont hit your brother in the melon.
Alikah: I never throw melons at my brother!!!

Me: And I have a doctors appointment that day.
Alikah: WE HAVING ANOTHER BABY?!! ARE WE GONNA HAVE 3 BOY BABIES?! I want boys now...but when they leave I want sisters!! A-thousand sisters!

(listening to All I Want for Christmas is You)
Alikah: I dont like this song. I dont like the part where shes gonna take me away and give me to Santa to send to someone.

Alikah: Harper, if you keep being mean to me your arms arent gonna be on your body anymore!

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