Monday, October 29, 2012

Labor & Delivery: Bodhi

A 10-11-12 birthday came and went. I had told Spencer 10-12-12 and 10-14-12 "work for me" because they are all evens, so of course Ill probably have him on the 13th.
I had been feeling pressure, having irregular painless contractions and just feeling different for days, maybe a week. I would wake up every morning and think, "Is today the day?" because with Alikah and Harper I had woke up both mornings and thought, "This is it!" That morning I thought, "Nope."

We were waiting for Harper to wake up from his morning nap and then we were going to Walmart. Spencer and I were talking in the upstairs bathroom and suddenly I cut Spencer off and said, "Get out! Something is happening." Sparing you the weird details...basically within that next minute I decided maybe today IS the day.

We took our time walking around Walmart but I wasnt feeling anything. We got home, put the kids down to nap and I started having contractions again. So I walked circles around our house. They did not hurt, but they were consistent. I should add that I have really, really high pain tolerance. Unless I think I am honestly about to die, Im gonna shrug it off as being "not so bad." I kept telling myself, "Okay, if I have one more, Ill call...Okay, Im gonna go shower, if they are still coming, Ill call...."

Spencer was a nervous wreck. He was all over the place. I was trying to stay calm but he was making me nervous haha. He was pacing around, asking me what to do, telling me to just come on!, etc.

After I showered I called Labor and Delivery and talked to someone. I told her I was pretty sure this was it but I was having a hard time believing it. She told me since it was my third baby that if I think its time Im probably right, but to wait another half hour and call back. I walked around some more, packed my bag, packed the kids bags since theyd be staying at my parents, tried to clean up a little, just wasting time. Then about 45 minutes after the first call I called again and told them, "I think were just going to come."

 Its funny looking back now because the few times I did *time* my contractions they were 1-3 minutes apart. But in my head I convinced myself, "that cant be right. maybe they arent contractions. they dont even hurt!" The whole way to the hospital I was thinking, "This is stupid. Am I even still having them? Were gonna get sent home. Maybe we shouldnt go."

 We checked into the hospital around 8. I was 5 cm and 100% effaced.
 My midwife wasnt able to be there so the other midwife came. They asked about my water and I told them with Alikah they broke it and with Harper he was almost born in it. They asked if I had any problems with them breaking it and I said no.
 At 8:30 they checked me and I was 7 cm. They brought out to the tool to break my water and I said, "Wait!!? Were doing this NOW!?" It was all so so fast. At 9:00 the anesthesiologist came and gave me an epidural. Since I was progressing so fast he just gave me a low dose that wore off within the hour.

My sister Heather and Joey made it to the hospital just in time. Up until then Alikah and Harper were running around all over and we were scared no one was going to get there in time to watch them. The nurses started arranging for some other nurses to watch them in the waiting room for us.

Anyway, seriously the whole ordeal happened so fast the rest of it is fuzzy to me. We took some pictures, tried to relax, and all of the sudden the midwife was checking me and telling me if was time to push. And I was just like are you fucking serious?

I pushed for 12 minutes and Boden Bob Katt was born at 9:58 PM.
He was 7 pounds even (big! for being a preemie) and 20 inches long.
He has dark curly hair just like in a dream I had.
*Fun fact: Alikah was born with a knot in her cord. They had to tell me that if she wouldnt have been born when she was, she most likely would have been a stillborn. Right when Boden was born the midwife said "oh wow" -- Boden had a knot in his cord. A very loose one, thank God, so not as bad as Alikahs. But how weird that they both had that! Boden's cord was also so thick and strong it took them a few tries to cut it! 
I got to hold him for a little bit while they cleaned him off but they realized immediately that he was not breathing right and they took him to the special care nursery.

It was unreal. 3 hours earlier, I wasnt even going to go to the hospital.
And now he was here!
Spencer and I were alone afterwards. Pretty silent. Wondering what the fuck just happened?
I was definitely in shock.

I will be writing another post soon about the 2 weeks since then...what Bodhi had, NICU updates and what not. I am so grateful that he is healthy and happy now and that we are all home together.
Our home is filled with so much love.
Words cant describe, really.

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