Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a bully

On Sunday we went to the lake for a few hours before nap time. After swimming I was watching Alikah play on the playground while Spencer took the stuff back to the car and changed Harper.

I wasnt really paying too much attention until a dad walked up the playground and goes, "Hey buddy, knock it off! Stop bothering her or Im going to have to tell your parents!"
The kid he was talking to snapped back, "You dont know my parents!"
The guy knew I was watching so looks he looks at me and we are both just stunned. Eyes and mouths wide open.

Fast forward a couple minutes, I walk to the concession booth to see what they all have and on the way back I see Spencer walking up to the playground. I get there just in time to hear Spencer say, "Kid in the blue, stop being an asshole! Im gonna throw YOU down the slide!"
Now Im just staring like holy shit what is going on!! and Spencer turns around and says that the kid was...
1) Calling all the other kids retards (this is NOT ok to me)
2) Kicking people down the slides (!??!?)
3) He called Alikah a cry baby for no reason and when Alikah said, "Thats not very nice," he told her to shut up!

Seriously? This kid just got warned not even 10 minutes ago! So I get pissed and I go stand right next to this kid who by then is standing with his sister and they are pointing and whispering at Spencer. I tell Alikah hes just a bully and that I am going to wait and find out who his parents are. Unfortunately he heard me say that and basically just stood there until I walked away...
Another mom yells, "KNOCK IT OFF!" because the kid ran right back onto the playground and told her son he was going to "kick him in the stomach."

We decided to just leave.
Im watching him the whole time were walking to our car and once we were pretty far away they ran off towards the lake. When they stopped at a group of people we stopped & waited for a few minutes because we figured they were probably telling their parents and if they started walking back towards the park we were going to as well. I really hoped they would because I was dying to say something.

It was insane!! I was in shock the whole ride home.
When I think of what I want my kids to be, nice/caring/kind/loving is at the top of the list.
I would honestly be devastated if I had mean kids.

I am really proud of Alikah for handling it the way she did. I was so proud of her for standing up to him and telling him he wasnt being nice.
Also, the first thing I did when we got in our car was look at Spencer and start cracking up. 
Who the fuck tells a little kid they are going to throw them down a slide?!


  1. It's Melodie...

    I am SO over all of the bullies at parks. Where are these children's parents? It seems the bullies are always the kids left there unattended. One time a bunch of kids wouldn't stop calling Brendan a girl because he had longer hair. Ugh it makes me so mad. asld;kfj

    1. I completely agree. We dont run into one that often but the few times we have they were pretty extreme. The other time was a year or so ago at a park and these girls were just yelling "fucking asshole/bitch/retard" to everyone. We looked for the parents then too and that time the mom was actually sitting right there, doing nothing. Its crazy!! :(