Thursday, June 7, 2012

ponys and pigs

Wednesdays are becoming library days. Depending on how many books we get and the weather, we go every week or two. Theres usually a few other kids there so Alikah makes a friend and her and Harper play while I pick out books. The walk home is harder because the stroller is so much heavier haha.
Around 7:30 Spencer was outside with the kids and a few neighbors walked over to say hey, ended up staying for a few hours drinking beer. They had been drinking before they came over and they were pretty funny. One of them kept saying, "thats/its groooovy maaan." Ive never heard anyone seriously say that before haha. I came in to put the kids to bed and do dishes, etc and all the guys stayed out there drinking.

Today is "Customer Appreciation Day" at our Piggly so we walked down to that.
They had food samples, .50 cent root beer floats, .50 cent pizza, kettle corn, sausage races (we missed them, Alikah was kind of mad), free face paint, free pony rides, ambulances and firetrucks to go in.
It was cute! Alikah had a lot of fun. Harp was content chillin in the stroller like always.

after she smeared it a bit

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