Monday, June 11, 2012

Its too damn hot for a penguin to be just walkin around

Saturday we drove to a lake about 10 minutes away from our house. We bought an annual pass because with it being so close well hang out there a lot this summer + fall. They have a beach, playground, camp sites, trails, etc. A lot of goose poop though... gross.

I wish I took a video of Harper, Ill have to remember for next time. He is such a water baby. He would crawl as far as he possibly could into the water so that just his head was poking out, and then he would try and walk even further on just his hands, kicking away. He
really thinks he can swim. He kept eating sand and gagging on it. One time I said, "Harper..NO!" and he just snapped right back, "EAT!!!" 

Yesterday we spent the whole day at my parents. Swimming, tanning, doing a bunch of wash, playing.
We were at Mark & Rhonda's for awhile and Mark filled up the water slide for Alikah to go down. I knew she would be too scared but Heather put her down anyways and she cried and peed in her suit. We were talking about it afterwards on the deck and Mark goes, "She just had to pee, that was the problem," and Alikah turns around and goes,
"Peeing was NOT the problem! The problem was that I was scared!" 
Hahaha. Mark was like, "She sounds 12!"

The girls + Luke went to get frozen yogurt then to Pick N Save to get wings for dinner. I am so used to our teeny tiny Piggly Wiggly, when we walked in I was like, omg, this place is huge!
We headed home around 8:30 and both kids passed out pretty quick..

I (obviously) didnt get many pictures at all, but it was a great weekend. We all had a lot of fun. 
Its been 90* and our house is a motha fucken sauna. Saturday night Spencer barely slept and I didnt fall asleep until 3AM because it was just too hot. Even Alikah woke up at 6AM and said, "Ok, Im ready to wake up now." (She did go back to bed.) 
Thankfully its supposed to rain today then cool down a bit until Thursday. 
10 days until Harper's 1st birthday! 

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