Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Harper

At about this time, one year ago, Spencer was getting ready for work. I had been having weird cramps for 2 days (which we later found out was a partial placenta abruption), and before he left he woke me up and asked, "Are you okay?" 
I said yeah and he left. 15/20 minutes later I got up to go pee, and immediately though, "This is it. Todays the day."
A few hours later I called my doctor, who knew me very well, and she told me, "Please DONT wait until the last minute like I know you will, just go to the hospital!" (I didnt listen.)
About 12 hours after I told myself today was the day, at 7:40 PM on the first day of summer..during a thunderstorm...our Sonshine was born.
Harper was born a month early. He is now a giant. 
Size 18/24 month clothes.
Size 5 diapers. [Size 5 was the last size Alikah wore. When she was 2.5]
24/25 pounds. He has 7 teeth. 

Harper Is: 
    -shy and he doesnt like attention. He will hide his face by putting up his arms, or pancaking to the floor.
    -dramatic. Harper throws himself on the floor multiple times a day. Sometimes he adds a fake cry.  
     -a water baby, hilarious, a sweetheart, lazy, hungry, curious, independent, an explorer.

Likes: His crib, his family, his ba, eating, being outside, cords, un plugging the vacuum while Im using it, exploring the kitchen cabinets, grabbing peoples faces, eating chalk and crayons.

Doesnt Like: Pooping, being told no, off-limits rooms (he sprints to them when we open the doors, then screams when we close it before he gets there), hats & sunglasses (both are ripped off immediately)

Favorite Foods: Noodles, toast, green beans, pizza, nilla wafers, cheerios, any crackers (graham, ritz, goldfish), icee (if he sees someone else eating one he will scream until he gets his own)

Says: HAY!, Mama/Mum, Dada, dude, up down, hi, eat, ow, no, Al-kah

Moving: Crawls crazy fast, bear crawls on concrete so he doesnt scrap his knees, can walk all over as long as he has something to hold on to (furniture, toys.) He likes walking with the toy shopping cart and my desk chair. 

When Harper is outside he always looks very serious. Its hard to get a good picture of him outside because he always has his eyebrows furrowed. He is silent and still in the stroller. He likes to sit up on the trampoline. He can get down, but he prefers to just sit up there and watch everything (and eat the handlebar.) 
He also enjoyed trying to eat everything he can get his hands on outside. Grass, leaves, bugs, rocks, sticks, flowers, chalk, poop, sand. He just started realizing that all this stuff is really gross and usually digs it out of his mouth and throws it. But not always...

He loves his crib and sleeping. He usually sleeps on his stomach, across his crib the short way not the long way. He used to always put his blanket over his head to sleep, but he hasnt as much recently. He sleeps with a blanket, but he doesnt care which one. He prefers a nice soft one but hasnt complained at all about receiving blankets. (Its 86* in our house. He is not sleeping with a fleece blanket.)
Although Harper is normally very shy and has the sweetest voice in the world, he loves to scream and squeak. He cracks up if I yell "SQUEAK!" back to him. He enjoys screaming contests with Alikah, and he usually wins. He can be LOUD. 
Harper, you bring so much happiness to our lives. Its really amazing to watch you grow from a baby into I wont call him you a "toddler" for awhile. You are still a baby :) 
You are such a happy, content little boy. But you werent always. I havent forgotten about your first few months....not yet...maybe eventually.....but not yet. Man you were a buttknocker. We are so happy that YOU are so happy! You are our sunshine, love you so so much. 


  1. I love that you said he is really serious when he's outside...Because, although he's still really little, Reed is all business, when it comes to being outside or even in his car seat in the car.
    He likes being outside but he will continually scream on the top of his lungs until he is OUT of his car seat.
    His little baby pictures from the very beginning are to die for. Seriously. so. cute.

    1. He is so peaceful outside! He used to hate his car seat too. But yeah, now he is so quiet in his stroller we always forget hes even with us. Thanks!