Monday, June 25, 2012


Why am I up before 7?
I almost got up at 6:12, but I was able to make myself fall back asleep for a half hour.

Harp's birthday was fine. We dont have anything planned for celebrating until his party on Sunday.
Wednesday we walked to Ty's and ate and got ice cream. I cant figure out if he likes ice cream or not. He doesnt know what to think of it.
On Thursday (his actual birthday) Spencer came home from work early. He got up super early to drive to his brothers in Madison and pick up our *new* car. Im not sure how long we get to borrow it for. Anyway, after he did that he went to Kohl's and picked out & wrapped some outfits for Harper all by his self which was really cute I thought.
What do you want? "A purple tiger."
Yesterday we met up with my mom, Heather and Luke at Strawberry Fest. We will probably never go again. We were expecting more activities for the kids. All it really was was walking through insanely crowded streets & spending money. Alikah lost it at the end and I had to carry her away screaming. I walked into a parking lot but there was a random pile of benches so I just set her down there and let her scream for awhile. She was hysterical for no reason, kicking, gasping, etc. I got her calmed down a little and walked back out but she was one comment away from another disaster so we left. 
Shes done this before and it only happens when she gets extremely overwhelmed/too many people/too much going on. And she gets it from me, so I cant yell at her without feeling bad.
On the walk back to the car she said, "Im sorry mom."
Me: "Its okay. We will probably just skip the fairs this summer." (This is our plan for how, so far the age 3 sucks.)
Her: "Ok. Can I still go to the beach?"

Spencer has a 2 week vacation from work! We have lots of plans & high hopes.
Tuesday: A festival in the next town (Ha. Remember how I JUST said we werent going to any more fairs?) Our landlord/friend told us we should go to it so we are going to check it out.
Thursday: it is supposed to be 100+ degrees. We will either go to the lake or find a store with A/C and hide for the day.
Depending on how close to death we are in our Sauna House, we are going to my parents Friday or Saturday to get ready for Harper's party. Then his actual party is on Sunday :)

Next week were going up to our cabin. The plan is to just pack up and see how long we can stay. Ideally it would be all week, but realistically well see how the kids do. However long it is, were all really excited to get away. I need it, my heads not right. 

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