Tuesday, May 22, 2012

rock diving

Today we walked to the park and I went prepared with a blanket, toys and some food. 
We set up a little picnic area a ways away from the actual park.
Alikah ran off to play and I sat with Harp.
Eventually I tried to put him in the swings again but he is so un-phased by them! Couldnt care less. See?
So I thought, "Ahhh forget it, lets see what he does!" and set him down in the pebbles.
I have mentioned the kid loves swimming.
Well, he loved these rocks so much he decided to try and swim in them. 
In case you think I am kidding:
He didnt even try to eat any until like...3 minutes later!
It was worth it even though I spent the rest of our time there chasing him because all he wanted to do was crawl back to the amazing rocks :)

*Side-note: We went to the park because we all wanted to go outside, 
but Stabler killed a squirrel in our yard and I didnt feel like moving it.....


  1. hahaha his rock swimming is to die for, he's so cute! I've said it before and i'll say it again you have the most beautiful children ever!

  2. It was so hilariously cute haha. When I laugh in the video he was actually putting his face in them. He was so into it. Crazy babies.
    And thank you! :)