Monday, May 21, 2012

11 months/the last "month" update

Size 12/18 months clothes. 
Size 4 diapers. 
7 Teeth! Just got a new one last week :) 
Today we started 1/2 formula + 1/2 whole milk bottles! Last can of formula for Harp. 
hairs growing slowly but surely :)
Likes: Alikah, eating, swimming, being outside, walks, his crib, books.
Dislikes: Being told no. 
Favorite Foods: French toast sticks. Mac N Cheese/Noodles. Mashed potatoes. Pizza. 
Says: Mama, Dada, dude, ba, al-kah or kah, up, down, hi, done, did it, "a"
This really is my favorite age. I think or say that at least once a day. The more his personality comes out I start falling in love with Harper, not just my little baby.
He really enjoys being alone. I feel like he actually gets annoyed sometimes if I try and go play with him. 
A week or two ago he was so crabby and even though I didnt think he was tired, I went up and put him in his crib. He was instantly happy. He started smiling and laughing and hugging his blankets. He was awake for about an hour just babbling to himself in there, totally content. 
I have a feeling hes going to get overwhelmed easily like Alikah does at times. 
Hes very shy. He lifts his arms up to cover his face (or try to) a lot. I had no idea what he was doing for awhile, but once I realized he did it when he was feeling shy it made a lot more sense. 
Hes showing a lot more interest in books. We have a few in the playroom and hes been pulling them down lately to investigate them, so well probably start bed time stories soon. 

The village rummage sales were this weekend and we walked around them for like 2 hours each day. He never made a peep. Nothing. He just sat in the stroller and watched. I think walks are his absolute favorite. Speaking of the rummages, Alikah and I stopped at one alone on our way to the park Saturday. She picked out a panda for herself and then she brought me some toy keys and said, "These are for Harper." 
May 2nd - He walked across the room pushing the shopping cart.
He is super close to walking. He flies across furniture, toys and the bathtub. I think hell be walking before his 1st birthday :)

Hes stood for a few seconds here and there, but for the most part hes the same as he was with sitting: he just doesnt really want to. Why should I stand alone when I can hold onto to this thing?

After Harper swallowed & threw up a penny 2 months ago, he was choking on everything. Foods he had been eating for awhile we had to break up teeny-tiny. Now he is back to chowing anything and everything and it seems like he has come out of the whole ordeal with a new skill. There has been multiple times where he will start choking and then just throw it up. He does it FAST too. I mean he gets that shit taken care of before Im even half-way to him. And then hes fine. Picks up some more and keeps right on eating. I hate it, but I guess in some weird way its a good thing too?

He LOVES playing with Alikah. He follows her everywhere and always wants to see what shes doing. The other day Alikah crawled over to him, tagged him, and crawled away and he cracked up. She has "tagged" him before, but never down on the floor crawling with him and he just loved it. Now they crawl-chase each other all over. 
Alikah: "Harper why are you such a giant baby. You are like jack and the beanstalk."

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