Thursday, May 10, 2012

im really tired

Last night Spencer & I started watching Bridesmaids in bed and then we were reminded that the DVD played sucks. We turned it off 15 minutes in and went to bed. I started where we left off at the same time I started writing this and now its been over an hour and Im still just sitting here.

-A radio in Harper's bedroom is always on a country, so obviously he always goes to sleep with country. Anyway this morning I had country playing on Pandora and Harp stopped playing, crawled over and got his bottle and blanket and laid down all adorable like. IT WAS SO CUTE.

-Spencer did laundry last night and one of my fuckin Victorias Secret Incredible bras fell apart. I was just sitting with it on my lap, staring at it and thinking "What the fuck?"
 Alikah asks me for juice and when I got up she says, "Well arent you gonna fix your boob thing?"

-We found a beehive above our porch right when we moved here and just forgot about it. No bees. Well today we went outside to play and when I opened the door to Stabler's room I immediately saw 5 bees hanging out on the screen door. I got the kids set up and killed them all and then watched them for awhile, killed a few more, and discovered another beehive.
SO it getting nice out + all the flowers blooming = all the bees are coming out. YA!!!

-We came in for a quick lunch then decided to walk to the park. There were a few other kids there so Alikah had a blast of course. "My friends are here!!" Harper warmed up to the swing a little bit, but parks still suck for him because all he wants to do is eat all the pebbles and sticks etc etc so I can never set him down.

-On the walk to the park we passed an older man and we all said hi and as soon as we are past him Alikah goes, "He was nice! AND OLD!"

-I dont know anything about one of our neighbors besides: they have an American flag hanging in one of their windows, their grass is insanely tall, one time we watched their 2 sons smash the garage windows for fun, and they had an old van parked in the backyard for a few days. Anyway, today when we were outside I noticed the flag was down. I noticed this because their was a huge fucking python crawling all over the window. It was so....unexpected? Once I showed Alikah shes like, "CAN IT COME OUTSIDE?!!" Ha. ha. ha. The more I find out about this family the more I like them.
When I finally tried to get a picture it was sleeping. Its all curled up on the bottom there.

Spencer was supposed to work until midnight tonight but he just emailed me and said hes going to sleep out there tonight. Neat. I could have went to bed 2 hours ago. Fun.
The movie ended a few minutes ago. It was okay but over rated.

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