Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Harper is sick :(
Of course hes had colic and teething "sick", but this is the first time hes been really sick. All he wants to do is sleep and cuddle. The worst part is that he just looks so sad. Last night he had a 100.3 temp before bed, and this morning he woke up screaming. I jumped out of bed and ran into his bedroom because I have never heard him cry like that. It was different than colic screaming, I could just feel him yelling, "I hurt!!" He was so hot. I brought him downstairs to give him medicine right away then cuddle him. I took his temperature once he calmed down and it was 102. He ate yesterday and today he ate breakfast but since then he hasnt been drinking as much and he choked on his lunch. Ah I hate choking. It was baby food but right after a bite he sucked in so hard to start crying and just inhaled it. I got him out and upside down and he coughed it out pretty quick. He wasnt staying asleep either but I rocked him to bed a little over an hour ago and hes been pretty quiet since. Poor babe :(During his first short nap I got a bunch of new & cute pictures of Alikah. We have the 30 day trial of Netflix right now so she has been loving watching new shows on my computer.Even though hes sick, Alikah got him to laugh hysterically. It was the cutest thing. I got a few videos, but one of them is perfect and Ive watched it like 50 times already. Makes my heart hurt.

Ive been down and fighting myself lately. Tomorrow my moms watching the kids for awhile while I go to an eye appointment & Target. I am really, really, looking forward to being by myself for a few hours.
Im just staring at the screen so I guess thats all. I can even tell re-reading this update how half-assed it is. Sorrrry!

Update: Harper just woke up from a 4 hour nap. I went upstairs to check on him and heard him talking. I walked in and he was jumping and smiling. No fever. Ya!!

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  1. Aw he was so sad and precious, what a little doll! Glad he is feeling better!

    (PS.. Hope you don't mind, I tagged you! http://ourtinyplace.blogspot.com/2012/04/blog-chain-letter-im-it.html)