Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Alikah fell down the stairs today. I was at the top of them, she was a couple steps down. Stabler ran past her. It all happened so fast I dont know if he actually tripped her or just startled her, but she fell. To the bottom. I screamed. I think I scared us both more than anything. She has a bump and bruise on her right eye, but she says ice is "too cold" when I try to put it on it. She peed her pants almost immediately after :/ and one more time after that.
Cant get the image of her tumbling down the stairs out of my head. I would have grabbed her, but I had JUST gotten Harper was holding him.

So, I said Id write about gifts..
Zebra towels, 7 picture frames, 3 photo boxes, curtain, omelet pan and oven mits, a very awesome personalized picnic bag and blanketa cat apron, cookbook, new silverware!, belgium waffle maker, boxing bag and gloves, a photo serving plate (perfect?!), a bunch of great kitchen utensils and pans, a toaster and a bunch of giftcards! LOVE everything!! So thankful. I wasnt even expecting a bridal shower?!

And so we called the courthouse in Waukesha and now we DO have to go to the one by us. Well probably get married there too? Then just have a lunch or dinner for our parents at our house. I cannot believe how soon our wedding is!!

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