Thursday, January 12, 2012

another list

-Spencer has his 2nd interview at a big company this morning! Debbie is somehow related to someone that works there, so it was the first place she suggested to us.
-Yesterday we went and ate at one of the few restaurants around here. It was cool/empty and Alikah got everyones attention of course. She kept talking to our waitress and complimenting her "cool nails!" Oh and they have free ice cream!
-Alikah has been diaper-free except for naps and bed time. Shes actually peeing on the big toilet now! We tried diaper-free sleeping the other day....definitely had to take her stuff to the laundromat. Oh well. Im very proud of her.
-Harper is getting great at sitting! He DIDNT like "Chicken Noodle" baby food. Tried it three days in a row and he was not having it. So Im thinking he doesnt like meats yet. Surprising. Little chunker monker.-Just called a closer bridal shop for my dress alterations because ummmmm were getting married in a MONTH. I go next Tuesday but we'll have to pay extra for a rush order because Im stupid and procrastinate like cahrazy. Actually though, I WAS emailing someone else that said they can still do it but they are taking forever and since we moved now its over an hour away. No thanks. Stil waiting on an email from our floral lady for when to some in to see some samples of centerpieces! :)
-Alikah's going to Nonna's tomorrow. Were meeting them in West Bend. Then she comes home on Sunday and were probably going to my parents. Honestly I am unhappy with this situation. I understand they want to see her. But yeah, Its going to get cut down quite a bit. We arent even sure if we are going to be telling them our new address or not.
-Still snowing like crazy! Love it.

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