Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29th

We've been busy! It was Spencer's first day back at work :(
We miss him. He came home for lunch.
I finally got around to putting most of Harper's things away and cleaning.
I feel a lot better now that I got some stuff done, but I still feel extremely unorganized and a little overwhelmed.

I dont have too much time to sit down, think and write. Ill get to it eventually!
Yesterday was my 22nd birthday, though. It started off with me taking Harper to urgent care because his eye was closed shut with gunk and it kept coming back after I wiped it. It was a (very common) blocked tear duct. After a couple of eye massages he was good as new! His umbilical cord fell off too.
We visited Spencer's parents, his grandma and then had supper at my parents.

Alikah is in love with her brother and hasnt had any problems at all adjusting so far. I swear to God she is the best kid ever!

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  1. omg i love your adorable family lindsay. seriouslyyyyy. harper is so freaking cute i could die! i also love the pictures with alikah and harper. it's awesome to hear that she is taking the transition well. she is just so smart. =] congrats again to you guys.