Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Tickle The Dada

Saturday we went to my parents for dinner and Alikah played in the sand with Luke and some other kids. She was putting sand in buckets and if you asked her what she was doing she would say, "Im cleaning the sand. Its really dirty!"

Sunday it was 80* outside! We went for a walk and brought up Alikah's Dora big wheel from storage and got that put together. She cant reach the peddles yet but she can scoot around. For dinner we went to Spencer's parents for burgers & brats. Alikah and Spencer kicked around a soccer ball and collected tiny pine cones from the yard. I love watching them play and talk together.
I love hearing Spencer talk about Alikah and tell stories about all the cute stuff shes been doing. You can really tell how much he loves her. We are so lucky.

-Alikah and I painted, built block towers, played Barbies, took a bath together
-We finally got some curtains up
-I managed to shatter a glass shelf AND our handheld bathroom mirror...
-Alikah had a little meltdown after I tried to put her pajamas on. Spencer witnessed his first two-year old tantrum haha. She told us both to "Shut Up" during it. Sooooo sassy.

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