Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Morning

I spent most of my weekend laying on the couch adding more blogs to my reading list.
I have about another hour this morning until I need to shower and get ready to go pick up Alikah. I feel so lazy but I did actually accomplish some other things too!

Saturday we went to HomeGoods and got a mirror for above our fireplace! Next on my list is to find some cheap curtains that I actually like.
I also got a long BCBG dress that I love. ($210 priced down to $30!) And a shorter green dress. ($110 --> $20)
I cant stand the summer heat normally I know I am going to be BEYOND uncomfortable when Im 9 months pregnant in June...ughhh....even thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. So my plan is to spend most of the time in our air condition, naked. Or swimming if I want to wrestle into a swimsuit. And then in a dress for the rest of the time when I NEED to be wearing clothes.

After shopping we went out for Chinese. We have two Chinese restaurants near our new place that we wanted to try. We went to the first one about a month ago and loved it but we decided we mine as well try the 2nd one now and get it over with....
We definitely liked the first one more.
They did have good egg rolls though..

Yesterday we ran to Pet World quick to get a fish for Alikah. A simple male Betta, and purple rocks the color of her favorite marker for his tank.
Speaking of her favorite purple marker I was so relieved when she left it open and dried it out because she WOULD NOT use any other marker/crayon/anything besides that ONE. Spencer hid it on top of the fireplace one time, but when I picked her to take a picture with me the next day she spotted it and that plan failed.

I did also managed to get 5 or 6 pages done in Alikahs 2nd scrapbook. It starts with her 1st birthday so I am almost a year behind. Oh well...progress is progress.

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