Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This birdie was right by our car today when Alikah and I were leaving to meet Spencer for lunch. I wasnt sure if she could see it so I took some pictures to show her too.

We took a walk today and went past a log house Spencer's been wanting to show me. It was great. I plan on taking a lot of walks this Spring/Summer so it was nice to get a small idea of where Ill be able to all go.
The street we live on and the one we walked down today are both right off a busy road but you'd never even notice they were there, theyre kind of hidden and quiet.
Theres a small river that runs all the way down them too.
<---- We saw some ducks today.

I started getting really tired while writing this and then I realized I took my sleeping aide before when I took my pre-natal, so I guess Im going to bed early tonight. Goodnight!

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