Tuesday, March 22, 2011

24 Week Appt

We didnt do much this weekend besides paint some of Alikah's room.
I re-arranged it a bit too and I like it much better now.
Mine and Spencer's room is a disaster though haha. Ill get to it eventually.

I had a doctors appointment at 5 today so we picked up Spencer from work so that we could all go together and make it on time.
-Placenta Previa: If it doesnt correct itself by 30 weeks we'll talk about it more
-I am measuring 4 weeks behind but since I just had an ultrasound and I was small with Alikah too shes not gonna worry about it unless it gets worse. With Alikah I had to get checked for IUGR when I was 32 weeks and it came back fine.
-I didnt ask for the heart-rate but she said it was "perfect" and thats good enough for me!
-I said the other day I have gained 7 pounds on my scale. They say I am still -2 from my starting weight but I gained 5 since my last appointment so they are happy.

My next high-risk appointment on April 21st and I noticed right when we got home that I stupidly scheduled my next regular appointment for the same day, so I need to call right away tomorrow morning so I can try to get in not too long after.

After the Dr. we went to Spencer's parents house for dinner and Alikah was in a WAY better mood than she was the last time we went over. She was coloring, singing, counting until maybe 20 minutes before we left and then she got a bit cranky. Still would not go my his dad though. She must be going through a little 2-year-old phase :)

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