Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In The Process

We've been "home" for over a week now. Right now it still looks like Alikah's apartment and the only rooms that are "done" for the most part are her bedroom and the bathrooms. Spencer hasnt even moved anything in from his house yet except for some clothes, hes supposed to be doing that tomorrow and also stopping at my parents house to get my desk. Our bedroom is some mattresses on the floor, two lamps and a corner piled with all my scrapbooking/office stuff. That picture is of our gorgeous cardboard box flooring by the front door so we have more room to take our salt-covered shoes off without spreading it all over the carpet :)
But I love it. My days are organizing or playing with Alikah and my nights are movies and fires.
Yesterday I had my first ultrasound and our feelings of it being twins turned out to be wrong BUT I am carrying one extremely active little babe. The entire 45 minutes baby was doing flips on the screen. Im only 12 weeks so obviously I cant but half way through even the doctor was like "Wow...can you feel any of that??!"
I made a card for Spencer's parents that he is going to give them today when he stops over there after work that has a picture from the ultrasound in it, which is how hes going to tell them.
Alikah found the carbon monoxide alarm in her room today and after beeping it twice before I got there once I opened the door she came running out crying and screaming "I PUSHED THE BUTTON PUSHED BUTTON!!" and it was hilarious but she wouldnt go back in her room until 15 minutes later and then I had to sit in there with her until she was finally calmed down enough to take her nap. Ohhh Alikah.

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