Wednesday, March 2, 2016

so far

What I like:
Small & cozy so were all close.
Not as much to clean.
Close to store.
We can paint. 
I like our basement & storage.

What I dont like:
That theres people under us and the kids dont walk the run and stomp and they dont talk they yell.
Spencer talked to the lady underneath us and she said she doesnt care, she has grandkids and her dog is probably more annoying but still haha.
-One bathroom.
-Theres no lights except for the kitchen and bathroom. Had to go to St. Vincent to buy some cheap lamps. 
-Every single room has a different control for heat? And we never get it right.
-I hate apartment outlets. 
(I also hate that balloon lamp in the kids room but it was Spencers and he likes it)

Small, weird, washer and dryer. The washer seems like it washed too fast. I feel like it cant really be cleaning the stuff that fast lol. BUT whats nice about it is the loads are so small once they are dry I just carry them to the right bedroom and put the 5 pieces of clothes away. I dont have to fold or any of that crap that I hate. Also the dryer heats the ENTIRE PLACE. Its like a damn sauna in the kitchen when its on. 

Our shower. The shower works good but the drain sucks weve tried 3 things to fix it, next step is to call management. Also he faucet leaks but whatever. 

Mailboxes that arent lock...but then I realized I have never had a locked mailbox in my life until our last house so this is actually not weird haha

We have a dishwasher. But I still do the dishes by hand and use the dishwasher as a drying rack. I dont trust it to clean my dishes how I want them cleaned yet. 

SO anyway...
Still need to finish our room and the dining room.
Ill probably paint & do our room tomorrow.
I also started my black&white picture wall but I need to order NEW pictures. Most of them were the kids as babies. 

Ill do a picture post soon.
Still not sure when a real post will come. 

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