Monday, March 9, 2015

kid updates! & hotels

Alikah (Almost 6)

LeapPad, writings, drawing, making crafts, singing, dancing, showers, hot tubs, her kiki (baby blankie) is back.
Lost 2 teeth! Her first one was so loose I pulled it out and she was kicking and crying and didnt even realize when I pulled it out haha. So then she knew it didnt hurt and pulled the 2nd one out herself! Saw her first movie in a theatre with me. We saw SpongeBob. I didnt like it, she did though. And then she saw Paddington with Nonna!
Shes very independent and smart. Likes to pick out her own outfits. Her 2 best friends right now are Layla and Harley. "Boyfriend" is Nolan.
Books: Mo Williams, books about animals, Love Storybook Collection, any really.
TV: Bob's Burgers, Spongebob, Paw Patrol, Octonauts, Blaze, Teen Titans, Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig
Movies: Oceans, Frozen, Shrek, Wreck It Ralph, The Heat...
Food: Plain noodles, granola bars, cosmic brownies, apples, strawberries, cheeseburgers, banana bread, pancakes, waffles, cereal..

Harper (3.5)
Trucks, his ba, wrestling, Spencer, making castles with blankets and pillows, being allowed in Alikahs room, undies, swimming, brushing his teeth....
Potty trained! He potty trained in one day. He can swim! Hes extremely talkative. Hell talk to anyone. But sometimes/a lot of the time he just rambles on and on and on to himself haha. Hes very sweet. He does not listen AT ALL. I made a little booklet for him (Colors, numbers, letters, shapes) to work on, because he starts 4K next year and he needs the practice. Hes been doing a little better so far :)
Movies: All the Shreks, Chipmunks, Wreck It Ralph
TV: Spongebob, Blaze, UmiZoomi, Wallykazam, Amazing World of Gumball, Uncle Grandpa
Food: Pizza, crackers, toast, noodles, mac n cheese, chips, hot dogs, pretzels, cheetos..

Bodhi (2.5)
Loud. He shrieks. Its the most annoying sound in the world and I cant wait for it to phase out. Likes Thomas. He has so much Thomas stuff. I have no idea how many toys, tracks, clothes, hats, etc..He sleeps with Thomas' and brings Thomas' everywhere. He lines them up really nicely.
Hes talking great. Almost Better the Harper. Spreaking of Harper, he calls Harper "Bodhi." We have no idea why haha. He used to hate baths and then one day we said "bathtime!" and he was like, "YA!!!" Me and Spencer looked at each other like what the hell? but ever since then he loves them. He screams, "GO!!" at stop lights. Likes to "help" me fold clothes by throwing them on my lap.
He likes swimming, shopping and brushing his teeth. He likes practicing Harpers booklet with him. Hes so adorable and uses his manners really well. Hes funny and super ticklish. Oh and he dreads his hair. He doesnt do it as much as he used to but he dreads it himself and loves them. He cries when we cut them out. (We only cut them out for special family Christmas or something)
Books: Thomas books and lift-a-fap books.
TV: Thomas, Blues Clues, Octonauts, Spongebob, Bubble Guppies...
Movies: All the Shreks, Toy Story 3, Turtle Tale, LeapFrog movies...
Food: Toast with jelly, pizza, chicken nuggets, crackers, cinnamon toast crunch, granola bars, all fruit esp. strawberries, cuties, and pineapple, mac n cheese, cookies...

We stayed at a hotel twice this month. The kids loved it, we ate like shit, they all loved swimming, Bodhi wanted to wear arm floats and was trying hard to swim, Alikah taught herself to go underwater and even walk underwater for alittle bit but shes still scared to actually swim.

For Alikah's birthday (April 18th) were going to the Kalahari hotel/water park. Its a surprise and shes going to LOVE it. My mom, sisters and brother are coming.

Ill add to the lists if I think of more :)
As you can see all 3 of them are obsessed with Shrek right now.
Theyre at the ages where they can all play together now and most of the time they play really well. Sometimes they start fighting but they get over it pretty quick. They like playing pretend....theyll pretend theyre grandma, grandpa, Lukey, monster trucks, babies, zombies, each other (we think that might be who Bodhi calls Harper "Bodhi") Theyll play "Paw Patrol" and "Shrek" of course. They wrestle like crazy. Hide N Seek. Harpers allowed to play in Alikah's room if she says so and he loves that.
I got these cat footies for $3 and posted that picture on facebook. The next day Spencer sent me that picture of himself hahaha. 

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