Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stones in the road? I save every single one, and one day Ill build a castle.

gramma gail & Lukey

I made Alikah's Valentines for preschool. I got the idea from pinterest and they turned out super cute but it took me longer than I planned haha. 

I had my robe on after a bath and she wanted to wear hers...

..then she made Spencer put on his...

crabby babies

snow storm 

Im still siiiick. I have chronic laryngitis.
Can barely talk, it hurts, my throat hurts, my lungs hurt, my life hurts (jk)
Ive been taking mucinex, dayquil, nyquil, throat drops, etc. Blah.

But anyways...
Weve been married for over a year!

In the anniversary card my mama sent she told us she was going to pay for our tattoos that we are getting!! Shes been helping us out so much lately. Love her. Hopefully we can get an appointment this weekend or sometime soon!

I ordered pictures at Walgreens over the weekend and they called to ask if they were taken professionally...I had to go in and sign a paper saying that I took them and that I was a photographer. I honestly cannot see myself doing that as a job (too shy) but maybe someday...

Spencer might be getting a new job. He really wants it and so do I. I will be really happy if he gets it :) Its about an hour we'd be moving again but itd definitely be worth it.

My anxiety, mainly my ocd, has been pretty bad lately. My right arm is shit. I pretty much have to keep my arm and 2 fingers bandaged all day so I dont pick them. Its gross.

We went over to our landlord/friends the other day so we could catch up and she could see the kids. Their house is so beautiful. Her husband builds & restores houses (like ours) and he built their home and its just gorgeous. They live right at the bottom of a ski hill too so its a really cool view from upstairs.

All the kids are good. Besides Alikah being sassy, Harper being a dinosaur, and Bodhi never sleeping....  Other than that they are great. Alikah and Harper are like best buds lately which I absolutely love. They play, talk, laugh, hug, kiss...they dont want to be apart. Its adorable.
And Alikah is done with pullups for good!

I think thats all...will add more if I think of it :]

I guess Alikah cracked everyone up today when Spencer picked up her up from preschool...she said: "My daddy my daddy! My daddy is never mean to me...but sometimes he yells at my mommy...but they ALWAYS love each other!!"

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