Thursday, July 19, 2012

first steps

Harper has been so close to walking for awhile. We had thought he would be walking by his 1st birthday...then by his birthday party...and now we are going to guess the end of July ;)

When hes alone, he will randomly stand up. If you watch him you can see on his face how hard he is concentrating. He looks down at his feet and thinks about what he has to do.
The times I have caught him doing it he usually takes 2-4 steps then squats. Sometimes hell stand back up, but most of the time he just crawls away. His official "first steps" were on July 15th.

If we acknowledge it - "Harpers walking! Ya Harper! Good job! Come here!" - he gets really shy, goes ahhhhh, and sits down. Or he'll hold his hands out and wave them around talking trying to get us to just come closer so he can grab on to us.

He can effortlessly walk all over, as long as there is something to hold on to. 
He just needs to work up the courage to let go.

Although he hasn't mastered walking, I need to apologize to him for all the times I have said, "He thinks he can swim, but he cant!"
He pretty much can.
He walked around in that tube for hours. He was so happy. 
He would have swam across the entire lake if we let him. 
Even when he lost his grip and fell through the hole, he would get back up. All by himself. It was pretty amazing to watch. 
Near the end we put a life vest on him and let him go deeper (where his feet couldnt touch) and he did no problem. We would try to hold onto him or help and hed just kick away like, "You guys, I got this!"

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