Monday, June 4, 2012

happy June

Yesterday Spencer got up with the kids and went to have brunch with his parents.
I stayed in bed until 2:00pm. Only got out for coffee and a shower.
Ahhh, yes.

We spent the rest of the day outside. Alikah loves "gardening" - she digs holes and fills up her buckets. She would be happy doing it all day long. Whenever we walk to the library this week I think well stop at Ace and pick our some seeds for her to plant. While Harper was napping we played with chalk (remember? he eats it otherwise.) Spencer wants us to cover the whole driveway so we better get working.

Speaking of Harper+eating hes been doing great with realizing when something isnt food. The last couple days Ive caught him digging/spitting stuff out of his mouth! Yaaaa.

Right before bed I got those pictures of Spencer and Harper that are in the last post and I am in love with them. I havent played around with editing enough to get the colors how I want them so I just made them black & white for now :)

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